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Dockerize Angular 7 App

Agenda  Dockerize an Angular app, built with the Angular CLI, using Docker, In this blog we wanna have a walkthrough angular 7 and dockerize it over node image(base). here We’ll specifically focus on: Create an angular app using cli and test it locally Create an image for dev environment with code Hot-reloading. Topic Cover Project Setup Docker Project […]

Dockerize Basic React App

Hi there, In this post we are Dockerizing a React app , using the Create React App generator and Docker.So, We’ll specifically focus on: Create a react app using cli and test it locally. Create a Docker image for development environment with code Hot-reloading. Topic cover Project Setup Docker Topic cover Basic requirement for running a react/angular/express app […]

Dockerize a Basic Flask app

Dockerize any application isn’t Rocket Science you just have to understand the system-level dependencies of the application for this you have to understand to basic requirement of you current environment and just have to configure it over docker using Dockerfile. Let we have already configure Flask project like basic-flask-app , so our hierarchy of file […]

Install python3 and pip3 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

Python 3 is most popular and stable python version, as we know python already depreciated python 2.6 in Jan’ 2020. so always install upto date version, mainly many beginner or ametuares developer unexpectedly download python2 instead of python3. Install python3 Install pip3 “pip” is a python based package manager to download python library You should […]

Install Latest Docker and Docker-compose on Ubuntu 18.04

docker cli is used when managing individual containers on a docker engine. It is the client command line to access the docker daemon api. docker-compose cli can be mainly to orchestrate a multi-container application. It also moves many of the options you would enter on the docker run cli into the docker-compose.yml file for easier reuse. It works as a front […]