Install terraform on ubuntu

Install Terraform on Ubuntu 18.04

We gonna install terraform on ubuntu 18.04 and test it functional working in just 5 mins.

What is terraform ?

Terraform is an IaaC (Infrastructure as code) tool which allows you to easily manage cloud resources in a versioned manner. we mostly use Terraform to build, change, and version infrastructure deployed on popular service providers.

Step-1: Install necessary packages to download and unzip package

sudo apt-get install wget unzip

Step-2: Download terraform (0.12.2).zip

sudo wget

Step-3: Unzip and make it runnable

Here we unzip it into /usr/local/bin or /bin/ to make it executable from any where

sudo unzip ./ –d /usr/local/bin

Step-4: Check terraform using command line

terraform –v

Step-5: Terraform Basic

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